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Paul Mackey of Projex Furniture

Projex Furniture can supply and install a wide range of items from many different manufacturers. One of the things we do as we work with you on all aspects of your project, is to help to identify the best solution for your specific needs. Final selection will depend partly upon our knowledge and experience with the thousands of available producs, and being able to help you to match your needs to a bundle of specific items.

The following list of downloadable brochures enables you to browse some of the items available so we can begin to short-list some likely solutions for you. Naturally we can direct you to the right place when we chat, but in the meantime take a look at some of the following links to get the ball rolling. Might not be a bad idea to give Paul Mackey a call at this point as it might save time finding suitable possibilities. His number is 0408 437 766.

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Paul says: "you're welcome to start to get some ideas from some of our suppliers here. It's worth noting that variations are possible and new products may be introduced between updates to the Projex website, so please contact me to assist you in person.."

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Gregory Inventis Healthcare

Gregory Inventis MyChair

OSA Visitor Chairs

OSA Beam Seating

OSA Education

OSA Healthcare

OSA Ottoman

OSA Soft Furnishings

OSA Stools

"When we provide a solution to your commercial furniture requirements, you can be confident that the final result will be a success because personal attention is provided from the time you call us until installation is complete."

Paul Mackey, Proprietor.